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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will be asked to support Our Mission, Our Future ...Our Legacy Campaign?
    Every permanent and seasonal member of Assumption Parish as well as the sacrificial support of visitors to our Mother Church in Truckee and Kings Beach Mission Catholic are invited to pledge their support over a period of up to five years.

  • How will the campaign affect parish offertory collection?
    In the short term, offertory giving is expected to remain constant. Throughout the campaign, volunteers will ask parishioners to make commitments above and beyond regular giving. Parishioners are asked not to diminish giving to the offertory collection, but rather to view their pledge to Our Mission, Our Future ...Our Legacy as an extraordinary contribution.

  • Why emphasize pledges?
    Pledges allow donors to consider giving more than is possible through “one-time” gifts. This is important in a campaign of the magnitude of Our Mission, Our Future ...Our Legacy.

  • How will individual financial commitments be collected?
    Donors to Our Mission, Our Future ...Our Legacy can request payment reminders with return envelopes be sent according to the schedule indicated on their pledge card. Electronic Fund Transfers and credit card payments are also accepted and can be made through the parish's account at ParishSOFT Online Giving website

  • Can I set up my own payment schedule?
    Yes, donors to Our Mission, Our Future ...Our Legacy may establish a payment schedule either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual options.

  • When are pledge payments scheduled to commence?
    This is entirely up to the donor. Some will choose to begin making payments in the month following their commitment, while others may choose to defer payments until a later date. For those not indicating a preference pledge payments will commence in September 2015.

  • Do I have to make an initial offering?
    An initial offering of 10% is suggested but not required. We ask that donors consider making payments as soon as possible.

  • How do I send my payments?
    For donors opting to receive payment reminders, statements will be mailed according to the schedule indicated on your pledge card. To ensure your pledge payments are appropriately acknowledged and receipted, donors are encouraged to use the return envelope which will accompany the reminder and make checks payable to Assumption Parish Combined Campaign. You may mail your payments, or simply place them in the offertory basket.

  • To whom should initial payment check be made payable to?
    All payments should be made payable to the Assumption Parish Combined Campaign.

  • Other questions?
    If you have any other questions, please send an e-mail to